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Mechaneu v1 Now Available

Mechaneu v1 is the first in a series of kinetic objects designed to explore the limits of 3D printing. Created in a one-shot fabrication process, Mechaneu v1 features an elaborate network of interlocking gears and supports. Spin one gear and the entire sphere is catalyzed with rotation. The effect is mesmerizing, a visualization for the eye and a tactile experience for the hands Mechaneu
iPhone App Flock 3D

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Proxy is bringing its innovation-focused approach to the world of applications. We've released several apps with some incredible partners and collaborators. Download them now on your smart phone or tablet:

Computing Kaizen @

The "Computing Kaizen" studio, conducted at the Columbia GSAPP Spring 2010, explored evolutionary architectural structures and their potential to anticipate change and internalize complex relationships. The studio used Processing, an open source platform for writing computational "sketches", to create intelligent building blocks that could self-organize into innovative forms. The studios work, included a series of interactive web toys, is featured on's Exhibition Page.

BuildingBeat @ NYC BigApps

BuildingBeat is a new app being developed by Proxy. It is apart of NYC BigApps competition. The goal of the competition is to "deliver information from the City of New York's Data Mine to interested users". BuildingBeat is designed for iPhone and is a social platform for urban development.
Proxy Log 2010

Proxy Log

Proxy publishes a yearly journal of design - a loose collection of process sketches, photos and renderings. The book is generated algorithmically from a design database.

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