Source code: Momin Graph Node

Cutting Bodies
Project by Ayaz Moman

The system develops a set of rules by the internal identification of important spring nodes in the network and their disruption of a specific packing order. The concept of multiplicity within a rhizomatic network is further emphasized by the development of a component, within a topological grid, that will respond to the scale, form and relation of each function as well as the environmental flows.
  • Move the mouse over an edge to make cut in grid.
  • Click mouse to reset grid.
Ayaz Momin was born in Ahmedabad, India and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Southern Polytechnic State University (2007) and a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design (2010) from Columbia University. From 2006--2008, he worked for Phillips Partnership on various commercial and restaurant design projects. At Plexus he was part of the design team for a History Channel Future City Atlanta 2108 competition. Currently Ayaz resides in Atlanta, Georgia.