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Columbia University GSAPP Advanced Studio VI

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We would like to thank the following individuals for their valuable feedback and time:
Ben Fry,
Hiroshi Ishiguro, Intelligent Robotics Laboratory
Ken Sakamura, Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory
Makoto Sei Watanabe, Architect
Maeda Norisada Atelier and Tenzo
Mutsuro Sasaki
Kazuo Mitsui
Keisuke Toyoda, Noiz Architects
Seiichi Saito, Rhizomatiks
Daisuke Hirose, Archicomplex

Many of these individuals took part in the "Programming Bodies: Last Computing Counter Culture" symposium. For more information, please visit the GSAPP Cloud Lab,

Student presentation at the Programming Bodies symposium, held at Hosei University, Toyko.

Computing Kaizen was also exhibited as part of the Columbia University GSAPP's 2010 Year-End-Show. The works were displayed on a large-format infrared touch-screen constructed by the studio.
Toru Hasegawa Columbia University, Proxy, Cloud Lab
Mark Collins Columbia University, Proxy, Cloud Lab
Anna Karigianni, AAD
Ayaz Momin, AAD
Biayna Bogosian, AAD
Bobby Johnston, MARCH
Edwin Liu, AAD
Eric Tse, MARCH
Esther Cheung, AAD
Maider Llaguno, AAD
Maurizio Bianchi, AAD
Nikolas Stutzin, AAD
Paige Mader, MARCH
Shunsuke Nakano, AAD
Website Team
Esther Cheung,
Biayna Bogosian,
Maider Llaguno,
Maurizio Bianchi,