Mark Collins

Mark's Curriculum Vitae
Mark Collins is a design architect, teacher and programmer investigating the culture of innovation and technology in architecture. His work has been featured at, Gizmodo, ArchDaily, DesignBoom, Atlantic Cities, Architect Magazine, and other international journals, publications and blogs.
Mark is a founder of the Morpholio Project, a group of applications that reinvent creative processes for designers, artists, photographers and any imaginative individual.
Mark is an adjunct assistant professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture where he teaches classes on generative design. He co-directs the Columbia University GSAPP Cloud Lab, an experimental lab that explores the design of our environment through emerging technologies in computing, interface and device culture.
With Toru Hasegawa, Mark is a principal of Proxy Design Studio, an innovation focused design firm. Proxy works on a wide range of projects, from architecture and design to research in CNC fabrication, book publishing and software development.
A Structural MRI Scan of Mark's brain, Creative Commons licensed