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A standard for sharing 3D information online. Web 2.0 for polygons. Developed by Proxy.

An open source format for sharing
OpenPoly allows you to share 3d models as easily as we share other documents.
Upload, post to your website, email to a friend without having to download new software.
OpenPoly works with the standard Flash player to deliver 3D content.
OpenPoly uses XML formatting for its geometry.
OpenPoly uses its own databases to archive and serve content.
OpenPoly integrates with other open-source projects to provide for online model display.
OpenPoly Player can be integrated into your homepage or blog, simply upload and copy a link.
OpenPoly Player can be run full-screen in your browser.
OpenPoly links can be emailed and linked to.

To create an OpenPoly player for your own file, please save it out as a 'wavefront OBJ' file from your 3D modeler of choice. Rhino, Maya, Google SketchUp and Processing all support this format.
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OpenPoly Roadmap

OpenPoly is currently in alpha stage. Please contact mark @ to enquire about using, supporting, or extending the OpenPoly standard in your own research, teaching or promotion.
Alpha supports multiple polygons, shaded rendering and 'turn table' viewing.
Beta stage will include support for perspective interaction, geometry commenting and will support polygons, lines, splines, points and text.

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