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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Ecotect Visualization of WinAir output

Ecotect & Winair
It should be noted that all schemes we are looking at are for general conditions, i.e. it will probably not read the specifics of your geometry. Any detail finer than the anaylsis grid will be reduced.
Download WinAir
Install WinAir into you're c: drive, so that we have c:\WinAir\winAIR4.exe - this is necessary for ecotect to be able to find it.
First, setup the Analysis Grid...

Export Panel, referenced below
Winair settings

THIS IS CRUCIAL Change panels, from the analysis grid panel to the export manager - this is the file with a red arrow coming out of it, almost at the last option in our panels

Winair should look like this if it is properly processing

Winair should appear, and you should see a graph plotting similar to the image to the right. When the graph levels out, it will return you to ecotect.
To visualize results:

Changing visualization to flow rate

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